Life can be really tough sometimes, especially when we really let it get to us and end up feeling lost. How to become more positive

I’ve always been a positive person, although I was diagnosed with two types of depression a few years ago, which can make me feel really ‘ugh’ sometimes even if I have every reason to be happy.

After quite a lot of experience and experimentation, I’m writing this to those of you who may feel the exact same way and ways in which to avoid it, and get rid of it 🙂

Firstly, I wanted to address one of the common reasons you may be feeling down, but may not know why. 1) SAD.

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and is a form of depression.

It’s most common during winter because of the lack of sunlight.

This in turn lowers your levels of serotonin in the brain (happiness hormone). This leads me on to my first point:

1. Natural Supplements

 anime, and pills

I never liked the idea of taking prescription medication, so when looking to find natural ingredients to help my mood, I came across two which I’ve been taking every day, and they both really help to boost my mood. 1) Floradix.

This is an iron supplement which helps to increase volume of red blood cells, meaning more oxygen is being carried around your body. This makes you feel less tired and more alert, as well as helping you think more clearly and therefore positively. 2) St Johns Wort. This is made from the plant and is a natural serotonin increaser. I take both of these morning and night, 30 minutes before both meals, and they’re both completely natural, so no bad chemicals will be going into your body.

2. Daylight lamp

How to become more positive

Daylight lamps contain the same chemicals that sunlight does, giving you the same feeling of happiness you feel in the summer. Having this lamp on for. couple of hours in the morning and evening as the light is weaker, helps to trick your brain into thinking its light, and making you feel happier and more awake.

3. Gratitude list


This might sound slightly cheesy at first, but it works amazingly well for me. When you’re feeling down, it’s difficult to think positively about anything and it can cause us to think of all the negative things going on in our lives. Sitting down and writing all the things you’re grateful for helps to make you realise and see all the positivity in your life, (and it’s always a lot more than you realise!). If you’re struggling for ideas, think of the bare minimum, you have a roof over your head, food to keep you healthy, if you’re reading this at the moment it means you have some form of technology, internet AND electricity. work up from here; friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a family etc etc.

4. Happiness jar

How to become more positive

This is similar to the gratitude list, but instead of in one go, keep a jar and each time something makes you laugh or smile, or you think about something that makes you happy, write it down and put it in a jar. This will over time, make you look more for the positive things in life rather than the negative, as you’ll be looking for thing to put in the jar. This could be anything; a tv show, a book, something a friend said or did, a good night out, a compliment, etc.

5. Exercise

body, and fitness

I know you’ve probably heard this 1,000,000 times before, and I’m not saying you need to get a gym membership, or be ripped, just a 10 minute walk every day can really help to boost your mood. Being outside, especially around trees increases your oxygen levels, and moving increases the intake of that oxygen. This is especially useful if you’re trying to clear your head, feel more awake and alert, and also lower levels of anxiety as it allows you to think more clearly and stop overthinking.

6. Be kind to others


Sometimes, giving others happiness helps us to feel happier ourselves.

I’m not sure on the psychology of this, but giving someone a compliment, or just being kind and friendly towards someone can make us feel wonderful ourselves.

Making others happier puts you in a positive atmosphere and helps you to spot and focus on the positive aspects of the situation.

7. Remove negative people

How to become more positive

My dad has always said there are two types of people in the world: Givers and Takers. Givers give our happiness and support others around them. Whereas takers only take in what the givers give, and never give anything back.

This means that takers always need givers to charge their happiness, and givers need other givers to charge each other’s. Happiness, otherwise the takers completely drain the givers.

Surrounding yourself with givers will give you people who constantly charge you up and make you feel good. So get rid of the takers who drain your happiness.

Be around the people who make you see the good in the world, not the bad.

8. Less screen time

How to become more positive

Spending hours in front of screens, especially on social media can cause us to see a very warped perception of the world.

And make us feel very detached from reality. Spending an hour or two a day less on technology and go and do something else; read a book, go on a walk, go and meet with a friend, talk with your family, bake a cake, etc. This helps you to come back to reality and understand that life isn’t all online, and most of what is online is fake.

Just think: have you ever just stood in front of a mirror or a camera, taken one picture and posted it? No. It takes hours of makeup, posing, maybe some setups, face tune etc, none of it is real!

9. Meditation and Yoga

How to become more positive

Taking a couple of minutes every day or every other day to just sit down. Clear your head and breathe will do so much more for you than you imagine.

When we are asleep, this is usually the only time that we take deeper breaths. This increases oxygen flow to the brain and is why we wake up feeling refreshed.

Just by taking some deep breaths throughout the day can really help to clear your head and give you that morning clarity. You don’t necessarily have to do yoga, but one thing I like to do is massage my soap muscle. While lying on my back and breathing.

This is the muscle deep in your pelvic area which can be strongly linked to anxiety, it gets irritated while women menstruate, which is why we can sometimes feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Massaging this muscle helps to relieve the tension and clear the anxiety.

10. Stop beating yourself up about failure

How to become more positive

Failure is never a bad thing. If you’re going to think of it in any way. It means you’ve been brave and ambitious enough to try something new.

Failure also means that you haven’t stuck to the safe routes either, which is a sign of strength. Because you’ve had new ideas and want to challenge yourself. Also, nothing new is ever created without some form of failure.

Don’t be scared to go out and try new things, learn from what didn’t work and try more things! I hope this helps. Of course there are so many other ways to feel happier. And more positive, but you’ll find your own by maybe trying some of these things that have helped me 🙂

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, or want to talk, or just make a new friend! 🙂