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How to start a blog & make $10,000 every month from it in 2020.

How to start a blog & make $10,000 every month from it in 2020.

There are a variety of ways to earn money online. Having a blog and monetizing it is a great example of earning income and having fun doing so.

To earn money through a blog there are several important factors to cover: your niche, website, and dedication. All of them are closely related to each other and are crucial factors if you wish to earn money through blogging. Let’s talk about that.

start a blog


Writing about things you are passionate about is necessary for a successful blog. However, if writing isn’t your strong side, you can hire someone to write the content for you.

Writing good content is essential to attract readers, that’s why choosing a niche you like is crucial – your interest in it strongly reflects in your content.


Creating a website doesn’t cost much. $0.99/mo is enough to get you going. Although, once you start gaining traffic, you will have to upgrade the plan for the best performance.

Your website has to be convenient to use and easy to navigate. If users have a hard time doing so, they are most likely to leave.

By what attributes do people rate the website? Well, the main ones would be the design, ease of use, and the loading speed.

Make sure your website is not overloaded with elements, so it’s easy to find relevant content. The website’s layout, fonts, and elements have to be appealing to the eye, as well it should be easy to navigate. Your website’s design can be improved using online tools such as heatmap. This tool determines the most eye-catching spots of your website, helping your site become more user-friendly.

Loading speed is another crucial part of a website. You don’t want to risk losing your visitors, so it’s necessary to assure they aren’t waiting for your blog to load. The quick charging time depends not only on your web host but on you too.

Read how your hosting provider improves its services for the best performance. From your side, you can analyze your website through GTmetrix and fix the issues that are noted about your website. If you plan to use WordPress to create your blog, then be certain the provider is optimized for WordPress as well.

page speed


Here’s the most important thing you must know – results take time to come. Once you have created a blog, you have to start building up the content. To earn profit from the blog, traffic is a must. If the niche you have chosen is oversaturated, it might take a bit longer to get traffic. With lots of dedicated time and motivation, the results are sure to come.

Ways to earn money through a blog:

Once you have built up your website and started creating content, it’s time to learn about earning money through it – monetizing.

Affiliate marketing. One of the most popular ways of earning money online. The idea behind affiliate marketing is that you promote a product or service of a company you became an affiliate of and earn a commission. To become a successful affiliate, you need to find a company whose products or services you would like to promote and choose the way you are going to promote it.

A few of the things you can do is write reviews about the company’s services and products, include affiliate links, or even add videos to your blog about the products or services you are an affiliate of.

Ads. Placing ads is a great way to increase your income from a blog. One of the most popular ways to do so is using Google Adsense due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Keep in mind that your website should look decent and user-friendly, so don’t put lots of ads that would disturb the visitor.


Having a blog and built up traffic is a great way to let people know you are up to business inquiries. Whether you are writing about food, travelling, or art, your blog can become your portfolio. People will get to see your skills and send you job offerings if they are satisfied with the experience you have and the content you create.

Sponsored content. Whether you wish to find companies that would sponsor you or they find you themselves, it becomes a great opportunity to increase the earnings. Some offers may ask you to share a company’s article on your blog, while some may ask you to write one about them yourself. Each company includes different ways to do it, but make sure to choose the one you are comfortable with.

blog post

Here are some of the most beneficial ways to earn money through a blog. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come instantly, and you have to work hard for it. In the end, the results are worth it. I hope this article has helped you. Take care of your website, and good luck!

How do you become a paid influencer?

How do you become a paid influencer?

How do you become a paid influencer?

become a paid influencer

Do your friends often ask you for advice? Are you the kind of person who loves to share stories about your life on social media? Do you make product recommendations just because you love the brand so much? In our own circles, many of us are already practicing the skills of an online influencer.

When people ask « How can I become an influencer? » what most of them are really asking is, « How can I become a paid influencer? ».

Here are 12 steps to becoming a paid online influencer:

Decide if you really want to do this

It takes time and dedication to see results in this industry. Paid online influencers today have been working for years to build their content library and grow their audience.

Bloggers and social media ambassadors often work full-time jobs, have families and grow their brand in their spare time. If this sounds like the kind of work and dedication you want to put in to be a paid influencer continue reading.

Choose a niche to focus your brand

This step is where many budding bloggers fail, because there are no instant signs that you’re building a brand that isn’t going to attract an audience. Finding a niche for your brand is vital to your success.

There’s hundreds of thousands of influencers in the world. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users! Even if you are meticulous with your content and social media strategy it’s still not enough to stand out from the crowd.

Choose something you’re passionate about

Becoming a paid blogger requires long-term commitment. If you pick a topic that doesn’t interest you then you won’t stick with it.

Pick a targeted niche topic

Let’s say you want to become a fashion blogger but you’re also budget conscious. Instead of trying to reach the already saturated fashion blogger audience, why not focus on « how to be fashionable on a low budget ». Better yet, narrow down further and become a blogger who focuses on affordable workplace fashion.

Become an authority voice in your niche

The more niche your blog becomes, the smaller and more targeted your audience. This is good! You will become an authority on this topic and stand out from the crowd much easier than if you were just writing a general fashion blog. Just don’t get too specific because you still want to find a large enough audience to make a measurable impact.

Stay relevant, but have fun!

Picking a niche like « affordable workplace fashion » doesn’t mean you’re pigeonholed into only creating content fitting this niche. It should be the topic you focus on above all other topics, because you want your audience to see you as an authority on the topic. But you can still write about other fashion industry trends, offer your advice and showcase your style outside workplace fashion.

Research your target audience

If you intend to become a paid blogger you need to understand your audience and how to engage them. There’s a few ways you can do this!

Google Related Search Keywords

When you conduct a search on Google and scroll to the bottom of the results page you’ll see a group of keywords.

This is great for content ideas but also helpful in trying to get into your audiences collective mind.

Conduct your own test and click on one of the related search results. Dig deep into the kinds of articles that are ranked on the first page. These are the articles your target audience is reading. Do you think they’re answering their questions? Could you do better?

We’ll get deeper into SEO in the content strategy section of this article.

Competitive Research

Chances are that you’re starting this blog because you’ve been inspired by other bloggers and social media ambassadors. It’s smart to take notes on how they have been successful.

Buyer Persona Interviews

Marketers conduct « buyer persona interviews » to better understand their customers. Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of our ideal customers. They’re built through a series of interview with real customers and external people we consider to be our “ideal target customer”.

In the interviews you will ask your target audience about their goals, challenges, needs and motivations. You will learn what kind of content you need to publish to be helpful to them and to engage them.

Select your distribution channels

Focus your energy on the channels where your target audience spends the most time. There’s no sense in publishing content on LinkedIn if your audience spends most of their time on Instagram and Pinterest.

Pew Research publishes regular studies on social media use within the United States and across the world. While Instagram may have reached 1 billion users, Facebook and YouTube are still dominating the social media landscape.

Again, do a little research on where your competitors are publishing their content and pay attention to their results.

Create a content strategy

You need to create a strategy before you start writing your blog. Answer these questions:

What is your brand?

First figure out what kind of feel you want your blog to have – professional, casual, personal. This will help you choose the format where you’ll share your content.

What format will your content take?

A blog is one of the most important assets an online influencer has because it’s entirely owned by you. Unlike social media, where your content is controlled by the network, your blog isn’t bound to any rules. (Except maybe the ones set by your software developer or blog theme!)

Bloggers should never underestimate the value of their blog. (We believe in this so much that we wrote an entire article about it!)

How much time do you have to devote to your blog?

Try to be realistic when you answer this question. It’s exciting to start a blog and let your imagination get carried away with dreams of fame and fortune. But it’s going to take time. Most influencers have full-time jobs, side-gigs, parenting responsibilities and other life commitments that take them away from blogging. When you create your content strategy take your responsibilities into account.

Now the big steps:

Research Content Ideas

Google Keyword Planner

If you want people to find your website and blog on a search engine you’ll need to know the basics of Search Engine Optimization. When you use Google, you type in a phrase, question or keyword. Google then spits out results based on a variety of factors but essentially they want to give you the most relevant results for your search.

Google Keyword Planner is invaluable because it shows you how often people search for keywords and how competitive they are to rank. It’s really hard to rank for short keywords like « social media » because it’s vague and you’re competing with sites like Forbes, The New York Times, Buzzfeed etc.

It’s free to use but you’ll need to sign up for a Google Adwords account. They make you put a credit card in, but when you create a campaign, immediately pause it and you will have free access to the Google Keyword Planning tool!

Other free content idea tools

  • Answer The Public
  • Quora
  • Portent

Create a blogging calendar

Consistency is what sets the paid bloggers apart from the infrequent bloggers. Almost any influencer network you join including Acorn will require that you be publishing consistently, with a long historical backlog of engaging content.

Freeform blogging might work for a few unicorns but most influencers work with a content blogging calendar.

Grow your audience

Once you’re churning out content on a regular basis you need to be equally focused on growing an audience.

Consider the following tactics:

  • Guest blog on other influencer sites
  • Share relevant content from other sites on your social media
  • Keep your content fresh to attract a constant flow of visitors from organic search
  • Schedule posts on social media
  • Join blogger communities and meet fellow influencers

Engage your audience!

When you have an audience you must always be engaging with them! Even celebrity status influencers like Chrissy Teigen respond to follower comments on their Instagram and Twitter. Setting up a comment section on your blog is a great idea – just make sure you’re always monitoring it for spam.

Network with your industry

The blogger community is vast and diverse, with countless sites to help you along your journey. Influencer conferences are a fantastic way to brush up on your skills, hear superstar influencers speak and meet people within your own industry.

Develop your creativity skills

These days influencers are expected to have professional level photography and marketing skills. Even if you’re handy with a camera it’s a good idea freshen up your skills with a course or YouTube video series. Marketing, most especially, is constantly evolving. If you think you have a handle on SEO think again – there’s always something new to learn.

Photography & Marketing Resources

Whiteboard Friday – Moz
Neil Patel
Social Media Today

Measure your progress

Here it is, the biggest caveat to becoming a paid online influencer! These days it’s easy to track the growth of your audience on websites and social media. Analytics play a huge role in being selected for campaigns because it’s proof of the value you can bring as a blogger.

Content quality, audience size and consistency are key but unless your audience actually engages with your content it’s no help to the brand soliciting your services as an influencer.

You shouldn’t expect to see dramatic increases in your audience. Most online influencers gradually grow their metrics over time.

Tools to measure analytics

Install Google Analytics on your website / blog.

Social media will give you insights.

Pinterest & Instagram ask you to set your account as a business profile before they will show you detailed analytics.
Below we can see an example of the many ways you can slice and dice your analytics on an Instagram Business profile:

There are countless ways to measure performance. Some metrics to measure include:

  1. Follower count
  2. Potential Reach
  3. Engaged followers
  4. Hashtag mentions
  5. Referral Traffic

Join an influencer network

The easiest and simplest way to start earning paid opportunities is to join an influencer network like Acorn Influence.

As a member of an influencer network you can rely on us to find relevant opportunities for you and manage the campaign logistics. We take the time to understand the brand/agency’s needs and share the requirements with you before kickoff.

Accept opportunities that align with your brand

We preach this every day – only accepting opportunities that fit with your brand! We know it’s tempting to apply for every influencer marketing opportunity that comes your way. In our experience, it’s better for the long-term health of your brand to be selective.

It’s not a good fit if the campaign requirements don’t fit seamlessly with the content you publish organically. Brands want to work with influencers who have a strong connection to their audience.

Focus on creating relevant and engaging content for you audience and opportunities will come your way!

Stay true to your original goals

Above all else you should be having fun with your blog. If you’re struggling with content idea block take a little break and make a list of the reasons why you started your blog in the first place. (If it was solely to make money you’re not in the right profession.)

The most successful, and happy, bloggers continue to publish organic, unpaid content. Nobody wants to see #ad on all of your posts. The campaigns you work on should genuinely align with your goals, brand and above all, your audience.

How do I rank a YouTube video in a month?

How do I rank a YouTube video in a month?

rank a YouTube video

Hi friend, in order to rank a video on YouTube, you have to do the following:

  1. Find the correct keyword to rank with (High Search Volume + Low Competition)
  2. Optimize your video using the correct keyword.

Example from my channel:

If you open YouTube now, and search for “amazon ses”, you will find a couple of my videos on Top of YouTube Search Results.

So How I did this?

The first step, is doing keyword research for YouTube, I do use H-supertools Free YouTube Keyword research tool to find keyword ideas.

So open the tool, and enter the topic or keyword that you wanna create a video about or your published video.

In my case, I searched for “amazon ses” and here are the results:


So you can see around 22K searches per month on YouTube, and the Difficulty is Low, so I can rank somehow easily on this keyword.

and on the same page of H-supertools, you will find Related Keywords, you can use as tags and mentioned in the video description.

so I set the Video Title as:

How to Use Amazon SES as your SMTP Service? | Send Bulk Emails For Cheap | AWS SES Tutorial

the bold terms are keywords iam trying to rank on with this video. but the main keyword is “amazon ses”

Then in the video description:

In this video, I will show you how to configure Amazon Simple Email Service. ( SES) and use it as your own SMTP Server for your Email Marketing campaigns.

Why Amazon SES? Maybe the main reason for selecting Amazon SES as your SMTP Service is the cheap costs. Do you believe that you can send a 100K email for 10$ !?

You see the keywords in the description.

Then the Tags as follows:
Youtube video

You can see the keywords I got from H-supertools suggested keywords. and I am ranking number one on almost all keywords. I am using vidiq here to check the keyword ranks.

This is how you optimize your Video on a certain keyword to rank on YouTube top results. And by the way this may be accomplished in 1 hour and not by 1 month.

I do the same operation for around 30 keywords to rank on top of YouTube, some examples:

  • IIS
  • IIS web server
  • build SMTP
  • SMTP server
  • Create SMTP
  • URL Rotation

…… and so on.

Other important points:

also, what helps you rank your video other than metadata (title, description and tags)

Is the video length and quality. If people love your content and stay more on YouTube watching your video, YouTube will rank it higher.

So publish High quality valuable videos and optimize your Thumbnail and title for higher CTR (click through rate).

Hope this helps!

How Do People Earn Money Through Instagram?

How Do People Earn Money Through Instagram?

Earn Money Instagram
Earn Money Instagram.
How Do People Earn Money Through Instagram?

Instagram is an incredible tool for marketing and money-making. Unless you are a business selling products & services via Instagram, people make money off Instagram through Influencer Marketing. With influencers charging anywhere from $50 to $25,000 a post, the possibilities with this marketing tool are endless.

According to Influence Central, business owners have ranked influencers as the 6th most effective way to get purchases & promote their brand.

So, how do you make money as an influencer? The formula is simple, but the come-up can be a little time-consuming. But hey, Rome wasn’t built overnight.

1. Find Your Niche

The first step in making money off your Instagram is finding your niche and discovering what audience you have influence over. Take a look at mommy bloggers – they’re one of the most influential groups on social media & are finding complete success in promoting products to their audience.

account influencer

Whatever your audience is (health & wellness, beauty, fashion, etc.), make sure you’re passionate about it. This industry should be a part of your everyday life, so you can successfully incorporate brands and products into your mojo without forcing it or supporting brands/products you simply don’t like, use, or agree with. Maybe you’re a mix of things? You travel, and vlog, and love fashion? That’s great too. Just make sure your feed is cohesive… which leads us to #2.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Feed & Bio

According to Forbes, it can take less than 50 milliseconds for someone to make an impression online.[2] That’s freaking fast. You have less than a second to make your impression on someone when they look at your feed. How you present yourself, from your profile picture to your bio to your color palette, is extremely important.

So, how do you catch that attention? First, your bio should be enticing & guide viewers to understand your niche or influence as quickly as possible. Take a look at how this influencer sums up her bio:


She includes her title, a quirky sub-line, her contact info, and utilizes hashtags to allow her profile to reach more audiences through search functions. On top of that, her profile picture is a clear, professional image emulating her fashionable, classy personality with swiftness.

Secondly, your content should have a flow – with a quick sweep of your feed, viewers should feel your vibe and understand the essence of who you are, what you promote, and your industry. This is especially important because it also instills trust in brands – they know when they work with you on sponsored posts they can trust you’re posts will be cohesive and follow your trends.

Keeping your content consistent can be a difficult task, but once you get in your groove it will be much easier. I recommend planning out content using an app like Later or The Preview App, where you can see how your content looks on your feed before you post Earn Money Instagram.


3. Share Your Life (stories too)

Influencer marketing isn’t just about the photos – it’s about your voice too. Great influencers have loyal followers because they share their life, in whatever way it is, with personality and transparency. Even though most influencers curate their feed and their social language, keeping it real is important. Tell your story, let your personality shine through, and connect with your followers. The mark of a great influencer is when a follower feels like they’re peeking into the real life of an influencer. Think anecdotes and real stories – give people an inside view of your life.

instagram money

No matter your industry, you should be sharing your stories. This is especially important when it comes to incorporating brand posts and products into your feed. When you’ve established a personable account, curating engaging ads into your posts will make it feel natural and genuine – this is what makes influencer marketing appealing. Brands need a platform for their products to be in real hands, in real homes, used in real ways.

Check out how this mommy blogger and influencer seamlessly incorporated a product into a post with her own language:


Seeing a trend? It’s realness.

4. Post Content Consistently

Like any successful social media profile, consistency is key. Keeping your content current will build rapport with brands, keep your followers engaged, and further grow your engagement rate. Consider using a platform like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule posts and find the best times to post your content. And don’t forget, not every post should be related to an item or sponsored brand. These kinds of posts should be mixed into your content. Whether you’re being paid to promote a post or you’re just posting something helpful for your followers, keep reminding yourself of the tips in #3.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the secret to successful Instagram accounts. Many people feel annoyed by them or think they are an overused tool, but successful businesses know that hashtags can really make a difference.

There are tons of different ways to utilize them, but using correctly is the most important aspect. Think of it like this – tags with over a million posts are going to get buried fast, but a tag with no traffic won’t get seen either. Something around one thousand posts could be good if it’s related to a particular brand or location, but low traffic tags won’t do much for your post. It’s pretty common sense stuff, you’ll want to aim for the middle to get the most traction. Display Purpose is a great tool to discover hashtags and their relevancy.

Tagging brands and products you use or want to work with is also a fantastic way to gain followers interested in that industry and to get your face in front of these brands.

6. Get A Business Account

Instagram makes it extremely easy for anyone to get a business account on Instagram. So, why do you need it? The business analytics provided on the business account is invaluable to an influencer. Although social media platform schedulers, like the ones mentioned in #2, track analytics for you, you can still have quick access to the analytics provided directly by Instagram. You can see information like the days and times your followers are most active, posts that had successful engagement, and the demographics (age, gender, location) of your audience. These can help you better understand who your audience is and what content is and isn’t working for you.

Earn Money Instagram

Not only are the analytics crucial, but it builds trust with brands and establishes professionalism for you as an influencer. When they see a business account, they see you are a serious influencer utilizing social media to truly build a brand for yourself.

And if you’re interested in running ads or sponsored posts, you can only do this with a business account.

7. Engage, Engage, Engage!

Did I mention engage? You can have the best feed and the most eye-catching content, but have zero engagement… and it will show. Engagement is at the center of a successful influencer. In order for brands to desire you as an influencer, you need to have more than just a following – you need to have a following that interacts with you. So, how do you build this up? Engage with your audience and even those who don’t follow you!

You should be commenting, starting conversations, and asking people questions. Don’t forget to respond to comments, either. Even if it’s just an emoji or a quick thank you, people will see that you’re actively monitoring and participating in conversations on your profile.

You can even comment on posts from people you don’t follow. Interact with pictures and posts from the explore page to build out a bigger potential network. You can do it while searching hashtags or exploring your follower’s pages. Find topics you want to associate with, and join in on the conversation.

8. Don’t Buy Followers If you want to Earn Money Instagram.

I’m telling you now… just don’t do it. Buying followers may seem like the quickest way to become an influencer, but I promise it only sets you farther back in the come-up. The term “fake it till you make it” doesn’t apply to your follower count. But why? When you buy followers, most of the accounts you are purchasing are spam accounts, bots, or profiles with little to no content/engagement. All this is doing is lowering your engagement rate which, as I mentioned above, is critical to your growth. You don’t want to gain empty followers because it does nothing for you, especially as an influencer. You want to gain followers who interact with you and who are truly interested in what you have to say. A bot follower isn’t going to buy a product (obviously), which is the point of influencer marketing, so it’s an investment with a dead-end.

Instagram also goes through spam sweeps. They just recently went through a sweep where they deleted millions of inactive accounts, bots, and spam accounts. When they do this, you’ll notice a huge plummet in your follower account. So again… a waste of money.

If you don’t believe me when I say how bad this is, take a read on this guy’s findings after spending two years botting on Instagram.

To wrap it up, there’s a science behind influencer marketing. But if you follow these tips and truly invest in yourself, as you would in any business, you will see it grow. It just takes time and effort and you will Earn Money Instagram.

How to become more positive

How to become more positive

How to become more positive

Life can be really tough sometimes, especially when we really let it get to us and end up feeling lost. How to become more positive

I’ve always been a positive person, although I was diagnosed with two types of depression a few years ago, which can make me feel really ‘ugh’ sometimes even if I have every reason to be happy.

After quite a lot of experience and experimentation, I’m writing this to those of you who may feel the exact same way and ways in which to avoid it, and get rid of it 🙂

Firstly, I wanted to address one of the common reasons you may be feeling down, but may not know why. 1) SAD.

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and is a form of depression.

It’s most common during winter because of the lack of sunlight.

This in turn lowers your levels of serotonin in the brain (happiness hormone). This leads me on to my first point:

1. Natural Supplements

 anime, and pills

I never liked the idea of taking prescription medication, so when looking to find natural ingredients to help my mood, I came across two which I’ve been taking every day, and they both really help to boost my mood. 1) Floradix.

This is an iron supplement which helps to increase volume of red blood cells, meaning more oxygen is being carried around your body. This makes you feel less tired and more alert, as well as helping you think more clearly and therefore positively. 2) St Johns Wort. This is made from the plant and is a natural serotonin increaser. I take both of these morning and night, 30 minutes before both meals, and they’re both completely natural, so no bad chemicals will be going into your body.

2. Daylight lamp

How to become more positive

Daylight lamps contain the same chemicals that sunlight does, giving you the same feeling of happiness you feel in the summer. Having this lamp on for. couple of hours in the morning and evening as the light is weaker, helps to trick your brain into thinking its light, and making you feel happier and more awake.

3. Gratitude list


This might sound slightly cheesy at first, but it works amazingly well for me. When you’re feeling down, it’s difficult to think positively about anything and it can cause us to think of all the negative things going on in our lives. Sitting down and writing all the things you’re grateful for helps to make you realise and see all the positivity in your life, (and it’s always a lot more than you realise!). If you’re struggling for ideas, think of the bare minimum, you have a roof over your head, food to keep you healthy, if you’re reading this at the moment it means you have some form of technology, internet AND electricity. work up from here; friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a family etc etc.

4. Happiness jar

How to become more positive

This is similar to the gratitude list, but instead of in one go, keep a jar and each time something makes you laugh or smile, or you think about something that makes you happy, write it down and put it in a jar. This will over time, make you look more for the positive things in life rather than the negative, as you’ll be looking for thing to put in the jar. This could be anything; a tv show, a book, something a friend said or did, a good night out, a compliment, etc.

5. Exercise

body, and fitness

I know you’ve probably heard this 1,000,000 times before, and I’m not saying you need to get a gym membership, or be ripped, just a 10 minute walk every day can really help to boost your mood. Being outside, especially around trees increases your oxygen levels, and moving increases the intake of that oxygen. This is especially useful if you’re trying to clear your head, feel more awake and alert, and also lower levels of anxiety as it allows you to think more clearly and stop overthinking.

6. Be kind to others


Sometimes, giving others happiness helps us to feel happier ourselves.

I’m not sure on the psychology of this, but giving someone a compliment, or just being kind and friendly towards someone can make us feel wonderful ourselves.

Making others happier puts you in a positive atmosphere and helps you to spot and focus on the positive aspects of the situation.

7. Remove negative people

How to become more positive

My dad has always said there are two types of people in the world: Givers and Takers. Givers give our happiness and support others around them. Whereas takers only take in what the givers give, and never give anything back.

This means that takers always need givers to charge their happiness, and givers need other givers to charge each other’s. Happiness, otherwise the takers completely drain the givers.

Surrounding yourself with givers will give you people who constantly charge you up and make you feel good. So get rid of the takers who drain your happiness.

Be around the people who make you see the good in the world, not the bad.

8. Less screen time

How to become more positive

Spending hours in front of screens, especially on social media can cause us to see a very warped perception of the world.

And make us feel very detached from reality. Spending an hour or two a day less on technology and go and do something else; read a book, go on a walk, go and meet with a friend, talk with your family, bake a cake, etc. This helps you to come back to reality and understand that life isn’t all online, and most of what is online is fake.

Just think: have you ever just stood in front of a mirror or a camera, taken one picture and posted it? No. It takes hours of makeup, posing, maybe some setups, face tune etc, none of it is real!

9. Meditation and Yoga

How to become more positive

Taking a couple of minutes every day or every other day to just sit down. Clear your head and breathe will do so much more for you than you imagine.

When we are asleep, this is usually the only time that we take deeper breaths. This increases oxygen flow to the brain and is why we wake up feeling refreshed.

Just by taking some deep breaths throughout the day can really help to clear your head and give you that morning clarity. You don’t necessarily have to do yoga, but one thing I like to do is massage my soap muscle. While lying on my back and breathing.

This is the muscle deep in your pelvic area which can be strongly linked to anxiety, it gets irritated while women menstruate, which is why we can sometimes feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Massaging this muscle helps to relieve the tension and clear the anxiety.

10. Stop beating yourself up about failure

How to become more positive

Failure is never a bad thing. If you’re going to think of it in any way. It means you’ve been brave and ambitious enough to try something new.

Failure also means that you haven’t stuck to the safe routes either, which is a sign of strength. Because you’ve had new ideas and want to challenge yourself. Also, nothing new is ever created without some form of failure.

Don’t be scared to go out and try new things, learn from what didn’t work and try more things! I hope this helps. Of course there are so many other ways to feel happier. And more positive, but you’ll find your own by maybe trying some of these things that have helped me 🙂

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, or want to talk, or just make a new friend! 🙂

30 days challenge

30 days challenge

money challenge

30 days challenge

Do you find it hard to save money?

If so, you’re not alone. Saving money requires a commitment in order to make it a habit. Even then, you run the risk of falling off track when life happens and unexpected expenses hit.

Here’s how it works: Instead of making an unplanned impulse purchase, you instead shelf that potential purchase for 30 days and deposit the money into your savings account instead.

If you still want to buy that item after the 30-days period is up, go for it. Otherwise, the money stays in your savings account.

Good night/day/or whatever beautiful hearter! Thanks for coming to this article and let’s get started!

Day 30. « What would you do if you win the lottery? »

30 days challengelottery, and lotto

Well, this is a really easy question for me… Since I’m not a wealthy girl i know how to use money wisely and i appreciate it so much, so for that, obviously i wouldn’t spend it in stupid unnecessary things.

I would invest that money to make my own little company, that has always been my dream, because i know companys are what make people « rich » i think????? And i don’t like jobs in which i have to do the things my « boss » wants, so, yes. if i win the lottery, i would start a company with that money.

And i really advice you guys to appreciate money and save it as much as you can. I mean, yes, travel, buy a car and go to a good restaurant.

But, if you know you aren’t rich and your money can end, DON’T SPEND IT IN THINGS YOU DON’T REALLY NEED, instead, use that money to make more money and then you will be able to do whatever you want with all that money.

So, yes, that was all for this article, i hope u liked it! xx